Corinna United Methodist Church
16 Dexter Road
P.O. Box 418
Corinna, Maine 04928

Church Office: 207-278-5000 ~ Pastor's Phone: 207-278-3251

278-5000 has an answering machine which is picked up when the office is staffed,
The pastor's phone goes direct to the pastor.

Pastor Reverend Terry McKinley

Our Mission
"to nurture and educate God's people to be
Christ's hands and feet in the world today."

The Corinna United Methodist Church
was first built in 1851 to serve 4
denominations. Later 3 of the denominations
built their own churches in the area, leaving
this church Methodist (United Methodist didn't
come into being until 1965). Here are images
of church People and Facilities from years past.

Outside view of the church taken about 1910
This photo was taken after the 1901 rebuild when
the stained glass windows were installed.
B&W, about 172K

A gathering of Corinna Pastors
Photo taken about 1951, the church's
centennial - Left to Right
Rev. Charles Kinney, 1950-1955
Rev. Nelson E. Canfield, 1937-1939
Rev. Willard E. Conklin, 1947-1950
Rev. Hayward S. Thomas, 1911-1913
Rev. Frederick Niles, 1944-1947
B&W, about 127K

1951 the ladies of the church dress circa 1851
Photo taken about 1951, the church's
centennial brought celebrations - Left to Right
Mrs. Hazel Knowles
Mrs. Kathryn Pinkerton
Mrs. Mary Roberts
Mrs. Evelyn Pitcher
Mrs. Ann Moore
Mrs. Grace Philbuck
Mrs. Charles Kinney
Just in case I put the names in reverse order, here is the
back side of the above image with names. B&W, about 182K and 94K

Sanctuary circa 1951
B&W, about 137K

Pulpit and Choir area circa 1951
B&W, about 123K

Organ and Choir area circa 1951
Note the size of the organ!
B&W, about 123K

Ground Breaking for the Church Scool building addition
building in May 1958, article in the Eastern Gazette
B&W, about 287K

The CUMC choir circa 1971
Front row - Left to Right
Brenda Jones, Linda Hartley Leavitt, Nathalie Brooks
Shirley Hartley, Rev. Mervin Chadbourne
Middle Row - Left to Right
Cynthia Dow, Ruth Pooler, Elizabeth Dow
Mark Chadbourne
Back Row - Left to Right
David Pooler, David Dow, Herbert Dow Jr.
B&W, about 160K

Local area United Methodist Church Advertisement
which appeared in the Rolling Thunder Express Oct. 4, 1988
B&W, about 209K

1999 was a BIG year for building at the Corinna UMC
1999 project one was the new parsonage.
first came the basement, B&W, about 159K
back side of the house being offloaded, B&W, about 154K
back side of the house now positioned, B&W, about 157K
back side roof is raised into position, B&W, about 170K
putting up the garage, B&W, about 221K
Jerome and Jackie Emerson unveil the plaque, B&W, about 129K

1999 project two added a slopped roof to the school building.
beginning to add the new slopped roof, B&W, about 143K
completing the new slopped roof out to the office, B&W, about 157K
new slopped roof complete!, B&W, about 137K

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