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278-5000 has an answering machine which is picked up when the office is staffed,
The pastor's phone goes direct to the pastor on call

Pastor Reverend Kate Nicol email

Pastor Reverend Terry McKinley

Our Mission
"to nurture and educate God's people to be
Christ's hands and feet in the world today."

CUMC International Outreach 2011 and 2012
Imagine No Malaria!

Malaria affects a large number of people in the world. During the summer of 2011 the Corinna United Methodist Church participated in the Imagine No Malaria campaign. The church challenged the congregation, and the Sunday School children, to see who could raise the most donations for the Imagine No Malaria campaign.

CUMC International Outreach 2012
Imagine No Malaria campaign!


The Corinna United Methodist Church Youth Group Imagine No Malaria BBQ was a success!! New update - $713.50 was raised in 2012 for INM, far more than 2011. Pastor Angela kept her promise to kiss a cow if we raised more than last year! The kiss the cow ceremony took place at Stoneyvale Farm, Exeter, Maine on 6/3/12.
Pastor Angela nervous as she meets a 1,700 pound Brown Swiss cow
Pastor Angela bribing the cow to be nice
Pastor Angela kissing the cow
Must say that cow was NOT as tame as these images protray!
Some of the group from Corinna who watched Pastor Angela kiss the cow
More of the group from Corinna who watched Pastor Angela kiss the cow

View this YoutTube video to see Pastor Angela Kissing the cow!
This cow was definitely not thrilled at this event

CUMC International Outreach 2011
Imagine No Malaria campaign!

Imagine No Malaria poster. This poster view was taken about half way through the 2011 campaign. Total money raised together from the congregation and Sunday School was $518.58 - color about 134K

This tent was raised on the parsonage lawn to demonstrate how netting is a big help to prevent the onset of malaria, - color about 166K

Sunday School children making miniature mosquitos to emphasize the malaria carrier - color about 145K

Sunday School children walking along the Riverside Boardwalk in Corinna - color about 352K

Some of those from the congregation who participated in Imagine No Malaria - Left to right - Karen Grover, Ruth Hudson, Linda Smith - color about 269K

Bruce Hudson makes a smore which is a combination of chocolate, marshmellow gram crackers for the campaign - color about 271K.

The Congregation just beat the Sunday School as to who raised the most for Imagine No Malaria campagin 2011. Sunday School children and Pastor Angela (in back eating a smore) - color about 223K.

Gathering to conclude the Imagine No Malaria campaign in the church Fellowship Hall - color about 172K.

Cake servered at concluding get together in the church Fellowship Hall displays the primary culprit, a mosquito - color about 138K.

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